Refugee Action in a SnapShot

The conditions many refugees have to live in are precarious and many people cannot handle it. Our support is essential.


Many people who had a happy life were displaced from their homes and had to search for a new life abroad, facing the dangers of the sea and not knowing what their new life would be like.

Solidarity is key to make this world a better place to live for everyone.


Not only are refugees displaced from their homeland, they also have to face the barriers imposed by the receiving country.


Many refugees cannot make it through, risking their lives to find a new safe home.


Resources for Refugees:

Housing for Refugees: A initiative to find homes for refugees.

Scottish Refugee Council: Resources for refugees and asylum seekers.

Amnesty International UK: Lessons to help people understand the situation of refugees.

Life in the UK Test: Resources for immigrants to apply for the British Citizenship.

If you would like to contribute with any useful stories or resources that might help refugees please contact us.